Oct 23
Griffin itrip FM radio priedas

Griffin itrip FM radio priedas

Šis iPod priedas ne tik leidžia klausytis FM radijo sto?i?, bet ir ?krauna iPod grotuv?  tuo pa?iu metu !

Tinka visiems Apple iPod modeliams.

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  1. 1. Leonardo:

    I would wear this at work. Working in a bakery and cafe, tminig is everything, from coffee to pastries to milk. Things expire quickly, things bake for certain times, etc. I look at my watch all the time. But when it’s my break or I’m working after hours I hate having to have a separate iPod. This would just make my life so much easier to keep a pair of Apple earbuds in my pocket and be able to use my watch as an iPod as well, all in a fashionable case. I hope I win! Thanks :-D

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