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apple-ipod-shuffleApple bendrov? pateik? nauj?j? versij? grotuvo iPod shuffle, kuris VoiceOver funkcijos d?ka moka ištarti dain? pavadinimus, dain? s?raš? ir atlik?j? vardus. Tai pirmasis pasaulyje grotuvas su tokia funkcija.

VoiceOver palaiko 14 kalb?. ?skaitant angl?, pranc?z?, vokie?i?. Verta išskirti, kad VoiceOver jau ?rengta Mac OS X sistemoj, kur ?garsina meniu skyrius ir kitus interfeiso elementus.

Naujausioj, tre?iojoj grotuvo versijoj, iPod shuffle ?rengtas 4GB atminties, ir akumuliatorius suteikia dešimtaini? valand? darb? be ?krovimo.

Pagal matmenis, grotuvas mažiau už AA baterij?, ir jo svoris vos pasiekia 11 gram?. ?renginio korpusas sukurtas iš aliuminio. Bet kaip ir ankstesni modeliai, tre?ioji versija neturi displ?jaus.

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    Review by Gadgester for Rating: I have the Sony e-book edition of this title, which has the same ctennot as this paperback edition.This book, now in its 5th edition (published June 2009), is probably the best book that covers the basics of using an iPod (classic, nano and shuffle), iPod touch, iPhone 3G, and the iTunes software. It’s by no means an advanced user’s guide, so if you’re looking for expert tips and hacks, this is not it. Indeed, it doesn’t even tell you much about the sound-quality options in iTunes and on iPod and iPhone; it just scratches the surface, that’s it.That said, if you’re a novice to the iPod/iPhone/iTunes dynasty, this book will help you aplenty. Contrary to what Apple’s marketing tells us or what its collaborators in the unbiased mass media would like us to believe, iPod, iPhone and iTunes are actually quite difficult to use, with many features hidden in places you don’t expect to find them. That’s why there’re so many iPod and iPhone books on the market.This book succeeds in being a beginner’s guide because it’s easy to understand and covers areas where a beginner usually stumbles, from understanding the iPod or iPhone’s controls to using iTunes to organize one’s music. You’ll find plenty of screenshots to help you along, and both PC and Mac versions of iTunes are covered. The index is pretty good, making the book a good basic reference on various topics related to the iPod, iPhone, iTunes empire.So, if you need a book to help you get to the many features of iPod or iPhone and iTunes, this book is your best bet. But if you want in-depth coverage of these products, you’ll have to look elsewhere or wait, as I have not found a single book that covers the many advanced features (e.g., real interaction between sound check and volume adjustment and EQ) and many bugs and annoyances of the iPod and iTunes.

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